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Korean Artist JeeYoung Lee created all of these images in a studio in Seoul, Korea that is 11.8 by 13.5 feet proving you don’t need to have a lot of anything to do what you love. Much of her work is either based on Korean tales or her own experiences.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Surreal Ballet Inspired Works by Kylli Sparre

After years of training to become a professional ballet dancer, artist Kylli Sparre realized it wasn’t the path for her and instead channeled passion for dance into photography and image manipulation.

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I get bored at work.
iPhone art is what ensues.


I miss Seattle.

I miss Seattle.


Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish student of Graphic Design, decided to bring alive some Disney characters through photo manipulation. They look incredibly amazing and definitely real! Check out his blog: http://jirkavinse.wordpress.com/


I just got so stoked on life about this, I don’t know how to handle it.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

I wish I were this artistic. I need to work on expressing my creativity.

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