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This is the card I bought my boyfriend for Valentines day. I’m so excited I could scream. The gift is going to be a set of chocolates in the shapes of Millennium Falcons. I’m so excited to give it to himmmm.

The difference between letting go and giving up. Never let a guy confuse you on the two.

Just in Case you were Wondering

My first instinct was never a good idea
I went with it anyway.
“I wish you cared more.”
I wish you lied less.
And I wish I could say your problems left you blind…
But they didn’t.
You gouged your own eyes out.
A human heart beating in your hand
with loyalty pumping through it
And promises of love seeping out
Meant nothing to you
The desire was lust.
Merely lust.
When the passion of two souls igniting
scorches your fingertips
I hope you can’t feel the heat.
And I could take that back
if I just erase my words.
But I refuse to take back what I feel so strongly about.


That cigarette dripping from your lips
Is a sick reminder of why every bit of you is wrong.
Push my hips
To your body’s thick
You feel like syrup
Sticky: I can’t pull away
Drag me down to your level
If it makes you feel better.
Because its all about if you feel better.
I’m drifting.
Paint me yellow and bitch slap a smile on my face
With the hand I bit.
The same hand that once felt so perfect in mine
Fingers intertwined
I was lost in a steep slope to your love
Confusing as it was
Mine just wasn’t enough.

You should know by now, people don’t make you happy.

I miss Seattle.

I miss Seattle.

He is wonderful.

He is wonderful.

One situation involved a young man. He was the ocean and I was the sand. He stole my heart like a thief in the night. Dulled my senses and blurred my sight. And I used to love him!

Lauryn Hill ft. Mary J. Blige; I Used to Love Him (Now I Don’t)

I would trust my education in his hands. No lie.

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